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98% Client Satisfaction

Here’s what our clients say about the VetAssist Program:

We surveyed our clients and their family members about their experience with our  VetAssist Program*. Ninety-eight percent of respondents said they would recommend the VetAssist Program to another veteran or surviving spouse!

  • This program is wonderful. Mom has an aide that helps with showers, meal prep, and laundry. It has been a blessing. — Frances W. in Michigan
  • We needed help to obtain the VA pension funds for my Mother. It would have been very difficult without Veteran Home Care’s help. The paperwork was exhausting. — Kathy R. in Missouri
  • I am satisfied with the program and I think others would be too.– Mary Jean G. in California
  • VetAssist specialists care. They worked hard to get us the benefits that we did not have the strength, energy or know-how to get on our own. This has been a real blessing to our family. — Kathy S. in California
  • Would I recommend the VetAssist Program? Absolutely!– Helen in New Jersey
  • It is fantastic! A God-send. — Ruby R. in Texas
  • It has assisted me in caring for my father at home. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do before I found VetAssist. I have home care 3 days a week and it gives me respite and provides my Dad with care and companionship. — Debra P. in Georgia
  • The program is very helpful not only for the daily care my husband receives but for me as well. While he is being cared for it gives me a chance to get out and take care of myself. — Vivian H. in Nevada
  • Professional and friendly staff who help you when you need it the most!– Cindy L. in Oregon
  • I recommended the program to my Mom’s twin sister and now she’s in the VetAssist Program! — Rich M. in Missouri
  • I feel it’s a good program for people that need the help. – Linda S. in Michigan
  • We love our VetAssist Specialist. She is so attentive to our needs and responsive. She is very personable to us and our dad! — Pat D. in Illinois
  • I couldn’t ask for better assistance. — Fred in Michigan

The VetAssist Program is offered by Veterans Home Care, a private company that assists people with access to a VA pension and then provides them with that home care.

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*Our Client Survey was conducted August through November 2016 through Constant Contact email tools and via phone calls to respondents.

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