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How to Help Your Elderly Mom Take Care of Dad

Your mother has been looking after your father for some time. They had been married for more than 55 years and she sees this as not just her responsibility, but something she wants to do. Continue Reading How to Help Your Elderly Mom Take Care of Dad
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Missouri Athletic Club's Women of Distinction Award

Veterans Home Care President to Receive MAC Award

The Missouri Athletic Club will honor five area women with their Women of Distinction Award at an April 7 luncheon and among them is Bonnie Laiderman, president of Veterans Home Care. Continue Reading Veterans Home Care President to Receive MAC Award
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Earning a Leadership Award

How Bonnie Laiderman Earned the 2016 MCHS Leadership Award by Janet Jennewein Please join us in congratulating the president of… Continue Reading Earning a Leadership Award
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Veterans Should Beware

Whenever people become vulnerable, they can fall victim to con artists looking to make a few quick bucks. One way con men prey on elderly, disabled, poor veterans is to target their benefits and pension that they may be entitled through the Department of Veterans Administration (VA). Continue Reading Veterans Should Beware
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