The Veterans Home Care Story

Edith Sperling

Veterans Home Care was founded in 2003, after Edith Sperling, mother of our founder, Bonnie Laiderman, passed away from cancer. Late in Edith’s illness, Bonnie learned of a Department of Veterans Affairs pension known as “Aid & Attendance.” It helps veterans or their surviving spouses receive personal care services to help them retain their quality of life and stay in their homes. Edith was the widow of a Korean War veteran and would have qualified, but by the time Bonnie applied for the pension on her mother’s behalf, it was too late. Edith passed before the approval process was complete. Bonnie vowed to help make this pension available to as many deserving veterans as she could, and Veterans Home Care was born.

Since our founding, we have helped thousands of veterans or their surviving spouses receive the pension to pay for attendant home services. Let us help you, too.

Our Offices
Veterans Home Care Headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri. This central office reviews all client applications before they go to the VA and has a VA-accredited attorney on staff. The Missouri Headquarters also provides care for clients throughout the state, as well as Illinois, Arkansas and Kansas. You can also find Veterans Home Care offices in California, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey and Texas. We team up with other home care providers to make our services available in an additional 21 states. No matter where you live, we’re a phone call away. Contact us − we want to help you.

The VetAssist® Program keeps working

VetAssist® Program clients begin receiving home care promptly after the application goes to the VA; clients pay for their own home care through our unique interest-free VetAssist Programclient loan, which they repay from their “Aid & Attendance” reimbursements once the VA approves the application.

Throughout the VA’s approval process, we work on behalf of our clients – answering questions, processing additional paperwork, and setting up and managing home care. Even after the VA approves the claim, Veterans Home Care customer service representatives are on the job, helping clients remain in compliance to receive the full benefit available, and maintaining home care scheduling, invoicing and payments.

Veterans Home Care’s VetAssist® Program brings home care to disabled elderly veteran families who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

  • We assist clients with the VA application and with any required follow up, at no charge.
  • We help clients pay for their home care, by providing a loan for that purpose with no interest charges − ever.
  • We arrange and monitor each client’s home care, and charge no fees.

Contact Form

Veterans Home Care provides services to clients in 40 states. Please complete this short questionnaire if you think you or a loved one could benefit from our services, and we’ll do what we can to help!
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